The air gets thicker, the drop slows down

RCA Degree Show, June 2017

shiny soft satin that ripples in liquid form like lindt

take your skin from creased and marked. now swipe it clean

like a window wipe that wipes away the dust of life

of streets of views to gloss it over

and see right through 

your face is there for all to see

let them see it shine and shimmer and dance for all

its the stage


Slurring and blurring across all the lines, acrylic paint, steel, hooks, clamps, chains, 128x100x4.5cm, 2017

dipped in delirium3_edited_edited.jpg

Dipped in delirium, acrylic paint, household paint, copper, 3 x 28 x 9.5cm, 2017

Neen Percy.Air gets thicker 1.jpg

'The air gets thicker the drop slows down' 

Mono print on acetate, hand-blown glass, copper, rubber, tape, copper nails, acrylic paint, 54x76x16cm, 2017

Final web.jpg

I see you baby, acrylic paint, wire, nail polish, 12 x 30 x 16.5cm, 2016


At frist blush, 32" screen, 1:28min looped video; glass shelf, shelf wall brackets, acrylic paint, wire

70 x 35 x 9cm, 2017