Between Bodies, Assembly House Leeds, 3-25th Nov

Co-curated by Neena Percy and Ellie Pratt

Emma Cousin, Lewis Hammond, Neena Percy, Ellie Pratt, Babette Semmer, Lucy Stein, Emma Talbot,

Rose Williams, Tom Worsfold

Press release

Neena Percy

Reworn Relic (outdoors), garden fixing, acrylic paint on velvet, steel rod, acrylic paint and household gloss, 189 x 35 x 25cm, 2018

Neena Percy

Endless Well, laser printed tect on photographic paper, 57 x 82cm, 2018

Installation shot: Babette Semmer, Why do all the things I say sound like the stupid things I said before?; 

Neena Percy, Reworn relic (outdoors); Lucy Stein, Untitled (Breton maiden)

Installation shot: Lucy Stein, Untitled (Breton maiden); Tom Worsfold, Sweet

Installation shot: Emma Talbot, Time Folded, Acrylic on silk, 220cm x 155cm, 2017

Emma Cousin, Do Birds get vertigo? , oil on canvas, 170x190cm, 2018; Lewis Hammond, Untitled (It’s not the rejection that kills you, it’s the hope), 22 x 16cm, oil on canvas, 2018

Mona Osman, drawing and accompanying texts, pencil and biro on paper, 2018;

Rose Williams, Martin Roberts in a Bottle, Acrylic on board, 38x27cm, 2018

© 2014 by Neena Percy Artist.