solo show at AMP Gallery, London, Sep 2018

Her pupils suspended within the whites of her eyes, between two sets of darker arching lines that leap up her forehead. Her face performed out over and over again, the same expression tried on and borrowed by countless women. Shedding selves within a chamber. Girl to woman within one whirlwind night.

An exhibition stemming from 'The Startled Woman', a character within the famous Roman fresco in the Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii. The mural is believed to depict a ritualistic initiation into the cult of the Dionysian Mysteries, fuelled by a psychoactive brew, Kykeon. The frescoed Startled Woman becomes an empty mask through which the initiant may guide herself in the ritualistic initiation process. Painting, theatre and performance merge and reality slips between the three. In repeatedly trying to capture the startled woman's face, the artist attempts to weave herself into this history, resulting in an ensemble of women auditioning for the lead role. 


The initiate’s role

watercolour and gouache on acid-free paper, framed 44.5cm x 55.5cm, 2018


Contained delirium

window installation: string curtain, copper piping, 4 unique handblown glass pieces, sweet basil essence oil, 3m x 2.6m, 2018


left: Waiting at the cusp (re-worn relic I); right: The initiate's role


The rejects

watercolour and gouache on acid-free paper, framed 115 x 43.5cm, 2018


Waiting at the cusp (re-worn relic I)

120cm across, oil bar on velvet, plywood, 2018


Garment apexes (re-worn relic II)

120cm x 296cm, oil bar on velvet, copper piping, tassels, hand-blown glass, 2018 


Garment apexes (re-worn relic II)