Model Village


The Swiss Church in London

27th - 31st October 2020

An exhibition at the end of a 3-month residency for Hot Desque (Neena Percy & Lizzy Drury).

A village of scaled artworks displayed within artist-made models created by 9 practitioners, from artists to architects. Models and maquettes offer up spaces of potential. Caught in limbo, they exist in physical space, but can also be imagined as more than they appear. Maquettes ask you to alter your perceptions of scale and perspective, to make yourself smaller in order to explore these potential happenings, or enlarge what is in front of you so that you may walk into it just as you are. Each unique model, with its artwork housed within, has its own story to tell.

Model Village install 2701.JPG
Model Village install 2731.JPG
Hot Desque Model_1.JPG
Hot Desque 2738.JPG

Hot Desque’s model

With scaled artworks by Livia Carpineto, Melissa Eakin, Harley Kuyck-Cohen, Mona Osman, Marianne Walker

Hot Desque Model.JPG
Close Ups_10.JPG
Close Ups_9.JPG
Close Ups_3.JPG

Harley Kuyck-Cohen

Mona Osman

Marianne Walker