Neena Percy is a multi-media artist working across video, sculpture, painting and installation, fed by extensive research and her own creative writing.​​

Exploring materials in connection to her research, she seeks to conversely question and/or celebrate past and present myths and cultural tropes around femininity and desire.

Her recent works form attempts to reconnect (wo)man with nature, drawing upon our interrelated histories, be that through the form of drawings intertwining birds’ and women's bodies, or singing a love chorus to swallows from the edge of a cliff. She is currently working towards an audio text piece investigating our changing perceptions of the Moon as a female entity, delivered as a chanted song. 

Or, in other words...

I attempt to act as an echo;

as a voice that bounces around a space,

stemming from my surrounds to double                    double and distort it,

to come back to the listener in louder or quieter, familiar yet

uncanny or surprising ways. 

Hopefully in the end I’ll leave you

listening to disembodied voices.