Curated by Hot Desque: https://www.hotdesque.xyz/

at The Artesian Well, a former nightclub in Clapham, Dec 2018

exhibition text

Olivia Bax / Hazel Brill / Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis / Bob Eikelboom / Margarita Gluzberg / Rubie Green / Lewis Henderson / Gabriella Hirst / Madeleine Pledge / Hannah Rowan / Lara Smithson / John Strutton

1st Room final copy_1.jpg
2nd Room 3._1.jpg
2nd room back 6 copy._1.jpg

Left to right: Bob Eikelboom, El Bobo’s Throne II Wood, 2018; Madeleine Pledge E1027 with ruffle, 2018, 61 x 84cm Replica E1027; 

Lewis Henderson AirWair, 2018

MG OB2 copy_1 copy.jpg

Left to right: Olivia Bax, Air Pocket (yellow), 2018; Margarita Gluzberg, Reel, 2018

MG3 copy_1 copy.jpg

Margarita Gluzberg, Reel, 35mm slide projection on graphite, 78x56cm, 2018

OB Roar2.jpg

Olivia Bax, Roar, steel, chicken wire, newspaper, glue, paint, plaster 170 x 143 x 78 cm, 2018

Film LARA copy._1.jpg

Projected film: Lara Smithson, it slips away as a ribbon to smooth fingers, 2018

FILM JS copy_1_1.jpg

Projected film: John Strutton, Rising Damp, 2018


Projected film: Hannah Rowan, Water Atlas: Atacama, 2018

LEA MArios close copy_1.jpg
Leah Marios flower.jpg

Lea Collet & Mario Stamatis, Scenarios of the Pool: After Blue Interval

performance documentation, props and chlorine scent diffuser, 2017


Hazel Brill, A pig’s ear, HD video and well, monitor and polystyrene, 2018

Hazel 4_1.jpg

Hazel Brill, A pig’s ear, HD video and well, monitor and polystyrene, 2018

FILM RG._1.jpg

Rubie Green, Sea Song, 2018

MP close.jpg

Madeleine Pledge, E1027 with ruffle (silver foiled faux ostrich kid leather), 2018

left: Replica E1027 table parts (black and white),  84 x 61cm

BE LH.jpg